Top 5 free fitness apps

Need to burn off some of that festive season flab? Well, there’s no need to overspend on personal trainers and expensive workout programmes. Moneybags took a look at some of the top free fitness apps available, and discovered that it’s easy to get fit for free.

Endomondo is a favourite among local fitness freaks. It’s a user-friendly application with a simple interface which uses a GPS tracker to time distances for running, cycling, rollerblading, kayaking… almost any sport which involves covering a distance. Endomondo also has an online social network which enables a user to become part of a wide range of like-minded sports enthusiasts. This platform can be used to share fitness tips, motivational advice or to set up competitions and races among fellow members.

What we love about Endomondo is its ability to provide you with a circle of fellow fitness freaks to keep you challenged and motivated. Active participation in your network will inspire you to push yourself beyond your limits. It’s like having your own team of cheerleaders and trainers for free.

Endomondo can be downloaded for free on iPhones, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows 7.

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club has recently re-launched its latest version with some great improvements. This nifty application gives you access to a wide variety of training classes, from beginner workouts right through to advanced. Although it is targeted primarily at women, the exercises are suited for men too. Users can select from categories such as cardio or strength, with exercises such as the ‘Butt Buster’ to target specific areas.  The workouts are incredibly effective – this application certainly makes up in quality for what it may lack in quantity.

Nike Training also has an awesome reward programme: The app tracks your progress in minutes and, as you hit targets, it rewards you with mini-workouts from celebrity trainers.

Similar to Endomondo, Sportypal uses a GPS to track movement over distance, whether it is running, cycling or walking etc. Users are requested to create a profile which includes their height and weight. The application then displays the number of calories you burn during your workout.

Once you have completed a cycle or a run, you are able to upload your track onto the Sportypal website, where you can view the pace of your performance in more detail. The process is uncomplicated and user-friendly – great for those starting out with their first fitness application. Although there is both a free and a pro version, the free version provides you with pretty much everything you need to keep track of your developing fitness levels and challenge yourself to improve on each workout.

Strava is one of the most popular free applications available on the market – a favourite among runners and cyclists alike.  Once you have completed your run or cycle, you upload your workout onto the Strava website and the application will provide you with detailed information about your progress, including distance, pace, elevation etc. Strava can also work in accordance with a heart monitor. Over time, you will be able to compare your stats from one run to another and track your progress over long periods of time. Strava also provides you with a user-friendly, online social network to keep you motivated and inspired.

Workout Trainer
Workout Trainer is like carrying your own personal gym in your pocket. The list of workouts available on the free version of this application is extensive. You have the option of viewing the workout as a video or via YouTube, or simply listening to the trainer’s voice on your device.

The Workout Trainer social networking ability allows you to follow fellow users and publish your workouts on Facebook and Twitter. You can also view the workout routines others are doing and, if they are working for them, download them for yourself.
The variety available on Workout Trainer will definitely keep you busy for some time, and their social interaction element will encourage you when you’re feeling de-motivated. Definitely worth a try.

My Fitness Pal

Although this application receives mixed reviews, it remains very popular. My Fitness Pal is basically your own personal dietician, tracking your calorie intake and weight loss/gain over time.

The first step on My Fitness Pal is to create your profile and input your weight loss goals. Once you are all set up, you start to log your food intake and exercise routine on a daily basis. As each meal is logged, the application lets you know how many calories you have left for the day. Progress can be tracked daily on simple graphs.

Our favourite feature? After your last food entry at the end of the day, My Fitness Pal tells you how much you will weigh in five weeks should you continue with the programme you are currently on. This is either inspiring (if you’ve stuck to your programme) or a shocking reality check (if you’ve been naughty).

My Fitness Pal provides a valuable free service which we would recommend to anyone trying to lose weight and get fit.

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