Your guide to free Wi-Fi in the Mother City

We live an era where it has become imperative to stay connected, whether it is to stay abreast of emails, get some work done or simply browse through social media sites. It is for this reason that the most asked question in restaurants and bars (next to asking for the menu of course) is, “What is the Wi-Fi password?” The notion that one can enjoy a cup of coffee, while going online for free is complete bliss. It is in this vein that we decided to highlight some of the best places, in and around the Mother City, to grab a bite and enjoy free Wi-Fi.

  1. Clarkes bar and dining room – Serving up some of the most renowned burgers and quality beer, you are able to fill you tummy and make use of their reliable Wi-Fi offering. The password is given on the menu, relieving you of the task of having to flag down a waiter and ask. So swing by and enjoy.
  2. Jason Bakery – If its mouth-watering pastries, amazing coffee, a homey feel and good Wi-Fi you’re after then Jason Bakery is a good place to start. Set up in the heart of the CBD it draws all kinds of faces and taste buds. It’s not uncommon to see clusters of people either conducting meetings or on a device thanks to the free Wi-Fi and good food.
  3. Truth Coffee – One of the most creative spaces in the CBD currently, with designer coffee and a very trendy atmosphere. Definitely one of the most popular meeting spots, boasting a strong Wi-Fi connection and a stimulating environment, go on and treat yourself while getting some work done.
  4. Table Mountain Cableway Wi-Fi Lounge – Surely one of the best ‘offices’ in the Mother City, with good food offerings, great coffee, free Wi-Fi and the views that dazzle, go on and make this Wi-Fi lounge your office for the day.
  5. Field Office – A stone’s throw from the CBD, the name says it all. “The Field Office is a meeting place, an office-away-from-the-office, a sometimes quiet spot to hide, read, eat, gaze or pretend to be working,” said Field Office.
  6. Knead – With quite a few branches in the Cape Town, this foodie gem has become quite a popular spot to indulge in all kinds of baked goodness. With a cosy feel, great service and reliable Wi-Fi, this spot proves perfect for any internet related catching up you need to do.
  7. Twankey bar – A fun lounge-type atmosphere that serves a mean cocktail (virgin if you’re on the job) and lovely snacks. Affiliated with the Taj Hotel, this upmarket meeting spot is perfect for when you want some peace and quiet. Just request the Wi-Fi code and you’re good to go.
  8. Bean There – Whether you’re grabbing a quick cup of liquid-mood-enhancer (or coffee as it’s more commonly known) meeting with a mate or simply wanting some alone time to sort through some emails, this intimate café will do. Just pop in and enjoy.
  9. Deluxe Coffee Works – An ode to the saying “dynamite comes in small packages”, with its intimate New York coffee café feel and dedication to make one of the best cups in the Mother City, this tiny café is a favourite. Pop in and make use of their free Wi-Fi offering while savouring a cup of caffeine goodness.
  10. Hudsons – For a fantastic burger experience with a side of free Wi-Fi, pop by your nearest Hudsons burger joint.

All of the restaurants except Bean There offer limitless Wi-Fi without any time caps, enabling you to enjoy to the full.

So next time you have an out of office meeting or are simply looking to catch up on all things Buzzfeed while enjoying something tasty, why not give one of these spots a try.

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