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The Moms and Tots Workshop Company was founded in 1992 by Petra Lester and pioneered early childhood learning in both fine and gross motor co-ordination for toddlers aged between 1 and 3½ years. This programme was born out of the need to maximize the intellectual capacity of toddlers and prepare them for the rigorous demands of pre-school and kindergarten. These Workshops were so popular and successful for early childhood learning, that it was decided to introduce Moms and Babes Workshops for babies from the age of 2 months.

In the first 3 years of a child’s life 50% of their intellect is developed with a further 25% being developed in the following 3 years. It is therefore the objective of Moms and Tots Workshops to increase the number of connections between the brain cells through a fine and gross motor programme specifically designed by leading child psychologists and nursery school teachers.

Today Moms and Tots Workshops have established an extensive chain of “Moms and Tots” and “Moms and Babes” Workshops in Southern Africa. We also offer Workshops in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.


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