Shoprite/Checkers Student Discount

South African students can get up to 10% discount at any Shoprite  or Checkers stores. The discount is available for four days every month until the end of October.

All you have to do is:

  • Dial *120*569*your ID Number# (for Shoprite) or *120*885*your ID Number# (for Checkers) on your phone.
  • Enter your valid South African university student number.
  •  Select how you would like to get the discount, you will be given the options, SMS, Email or both.
  • If successful, you’ll receive your discount coupon within minutes to spend at the store.

The monthly discounts are available on the following dates:

25 April – 29 April
23 May – 27 May
27 June – 1 July
29 August – 2 September
26 September – 30 September
24 October – 28 October

Other Deals

Sorry, no other deals.

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Shoprite/Checkers Student Discount

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